The complainant asserted in the complaint that he hadn´t obtained the amount of CZK 5.000 from the ATM as requested.

To prove that the payment transaction had been made correctly the institution submitted the ATM journal, i.e. the record of all the transactions and other operations made on the ATM since it was filled (i.e. supplied with the money) until the day of accounting (i.e. the day when the rest of the remaining money was taken from the ATM and the new money supplied).

Based on the ATM journal, the Financial Arbitrator found out that the ATM made the record of all the steps of the disputed transaction (i.e. insertion of the credit card in the ATM, entering the PIN, amount of money requested, etc.), including the time of the presentation of the money to the complainant.

Furthermore, the Financial Arbitrator requested the records of filling and accounting of the ATM from the institution. Having compared it to the ATM journal, the Financial Arbitrator found out that the amount of money found in the ATM at the day of accounting corresponded to the amount of money inserted in it at the day of filling minus the amount of money withdrawn from the ATM by all the clients during the whole time between the filling and the accounting. Therefore no extra money was found in the ATM that would suggest the complainant did not get the requested amount (or that the ATM did not actually present it to the complainant at the time of the withdrawal).

Based on all the facts of the case the Financial Arbitrator concluded that the institution proved having the payment transaction executed correctly with no evidence suggesting the contrary.

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