Account blocked due to the enforcement of judgement includ...

NOTE: if a party who lost court proceedings does not comply with the judgement voluntarily the judgement may be enforced by a court-appointed bailiff who may issue an order to seize money deposited on that party´s bank account up to the due amount. In such case, however, the account holder is entitled to get the double amount of life minimum for an individual (i.e. a certain amount of money prescribed by law).

The bank obtained a seizure order regarding the complainant´s account and blocked the whole account based on that seizure order. The complainant did not specifically request the bank to pay him the double amount of life minimum but he unsuccessfully tried several times to make an ATM withdrawal. As soon as the bank received a notification from the bailiff that the ruling on the enforcement of the judgment came into legal force it sent all the money deposited on the account to the bailiff.

The Financial Arbitrator concluded that the bank shall not block the double amount of life minimum at all and shall not require a specific request of the account holder to unblock it. When the bank is obliged to send the money from the seized account to the bailiff, it shall not transfer it including the double amount of life minimum as that amount shall stay on the account.

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